15th Chinese Biophysics Congress
November 3-6, 2017, Shanghai, China
International Workshop on Frontiers in Biomechanics and Biorheology

Mian Long (Institute of Mechanics, CAS)

Yubo Fan (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Yingxin Qi (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

Shouqin Lv (Institute of Mechanics, CAS, China)

Yiyao Liu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China)

Jizhong Lou (Institute of Biophysics, CAS, China)

Jiangguo Lin (South China University of Technology, China)

Lizhen Wang (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China)

Yonggang Lv (Chongqing University, China)

Wei Chen (Zhejiang University, China)

Jing Zhou (Peking University, China)

Chun Yang (Tsinghua University, China)

November 6th (Monday)

Session-15: International Workshop on Frontiers in Biomechanics and Biorheology

Time:13:00 – 16:40  Venue: Multi-Function Hall of Conference Center (1st floor)

Time Speaker Title / Affiliation
13:00-15:00 Chair: Mian Long
13:00-13:48 Yingxin Qi LaminA/C modulated by microRNA induces apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells during mechanical stress
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
13:48-14:06 Yiyao Liu Shear stress promotes anoikis resistance of breast cancer cells via caveolin-1 dependent extrinsic and intrinsic apoptotic pathways
(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China)
14:06-14:24 Chun Yang Quantitative Analyses of Dynamic Features of Fibroblasts on Different Protein-coated Compliant Substrates
(Tsinghua University, China)
14:24-14:42 Yong Zhang Molecular Mechanism of Force-induced Notch Activation elucidated from Molecular Simulations
(Institute of Biophysics, CAS, China)
14:42-15:00 Wei Chen Mechano-regulation of T-cell receptor's antigen recognition
(Zhejiang University, China)
15:00-15:10 Coffee Break
15:10-16:40 Chair: Yubo Fan
15:10-15:28 Shouqin Lv Mechanical allostery of I-domain-containing leukocyte integrins
(Institute of Mechanics, CAS, China)
15:28-15:46 Yonggang Lv Effects of suspension state on the reattachment and metastasis of breast cancer cells
(Chongqing University, China)
15:46-16:04 Jiangguo Lin Mechanical Forces Regulate the Recognition and Proteolysis of Metalloproteinase ADAMTS13 towards VWF
(South China University of Technology, China)
16:04-16:22 Lisha Zheng Fluid shear stress regulates dental pulp stem cells by YAP/TAZ signaling pathway
(Beihang University, China)
16:22-16:40 Jing Zhou SNAREs mediate hemodynamic disturbed flow-induced endothelial microRNA secretion and smooth muscle hyperplasia
(Peking University, China)